Dates in a Talend job

Mission: A friend sent me an email today. His question:

I have 2 incoming flows

Datebeg: DD/MM/YYYY format
Hourbeg: in minutes (example: 540 = 9h00)

How do I do to get this output: YYYYMMDDHHMMSS?

My answer:

I would do that:

First, add the minutes (Hourbeg) to the date (Datebeg):
TalendDate.addDate(row1.Datebeg, row1.Hourbeg, “mm”) 
The Datebeg type is Date.
The Hourbeg type is Integer.

Then, format the date :
Var.date2 is the output of TalendDate.addDate. Its type is Date. The output is gonna be a String.

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Dates in a Talend job